1. Being able to drive
2. Having a cell phone
3. My pet fish
4. Sanrio
5. Getting letters in the mail (snail mail!)
6. Tropical birds
7. Zoos
8. Aquariums
9. Water parks
10. The Potterverse
11. Sparkly things (jewelry especially) XD
12. My family ^^
13. All my awesome friends :D
14. Wandering around without a purpose after school with friends
15. Sunny days
16. Drawing
17. Playing piano
18. Chocolate cake :P
19. Tom Felton <3333
20. Rainforest plants
21. Photography <3
22. Decorating my room
23. Not having homework
24. When you're warm and it's cold outside :D
25. Hot cocoa after coming inside from sledding all day
26. Sledding XD
27. How silent it is after a fresh snowfall
28. Kittens :3
29. Flowers
30. Greenhouses
31. Butterflies
32. Summer
33. My birthday :D
34. Going to movies
35. Thanksgiving dinner :P
36. Chatting online with 3 or more people at once
37. Sleeping well
38. Understanding what we're doing in Physics/Chemistry/PreCalc
39. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
40. Adorable books (Let It Snow, for example)
41. My mom's amazing 12x zoom camera
42. High school
43. Funny movies
44. The musical/being in the musical :DDDDD
45. Hanging out with my friends :D
46. Pixar/Dreamworks animated movies (Wall E, Monsters Vs. Aliens)
47. Dressing up
48. Sleepovers
49. Water balloons
50. Zebra cake @_@
51. Amy Barton. :D <3
52. Having things to look forward to (i.e. Christmas/my birthday/parties)
53. When I think I'm going to have a piano lesson and then it's canceled. :D
54. My room.
55. Nerdfighters/being a nerdfighter
56. Finishing a paper for school
57. When it's snowy and sunny at the same time, so it looks super bright outside.
58. That smell after it rains.
59. Popcorn.
60. Fireworks on the 4th of July
61. Clever Halloween costumes
62. Going to plays/live theater/musicals (most especially musicals) :DDD
63. Doughnuts
64. Chem class when Berger's not teaching (aka 90% of the time)
65. Locker magnets :D :D
66. Feeling responsible
67. Hilariously old movies that are meant to be dramatic but are just stupid because of the outdated 'special effects'
68. Hank Green's music (and videos)
69. The beach
70. Bodysurfing? XD
71. John Green's books (and videos)
72. Chalk. Not the sidewalk variety, the art variety. Well both, actually. XD
73. Sticky notes.
74. Clothes :DDD
75. High heeled shoes, only not when I'm wearing them. ^^
76. Malls
77. MLIA and MLIG (MLIG especially) :'D
78. Flip flops
79. Resolving chords (lol piano nerd) ;P
80. My grandparents ^^
81. Seeing the pile of presents under the Christmas tree before they're opened :')
82. Hummingbirds
83. Christmas lights outside in my grandparents' neighborhood on Christmas Eve night ^^
84. The sense of accomplishment you get when you finish an awesome drawing
85. Pink cars
87. Random acts of kindness
88. Self-realizations
89. Class trips (Band trips especially) :DDD
90. Long bus rides with your whole class and all your friends (9 hrs to Atlanta!) XD
91. Finding out you did better than you thought you'd do on a test you needed to get a good grade on
92. Winning. Anything.
94. When my whole family is laughing about the same thing.
95. Bonfires
96. Sitting around just talking with friends ;D
97. Playing stupid-but-fun party games
98. Lock-Ins (gooood times) XD
99. Being purposely sarcastic to someone you hate and knowing they'll hate you for it but not caring*

*I realize that sounds horrible but it only happened once, with this parent who was helping out with our play in 8th grade...she was tyrannical, let me tell you. And she was recruiting us to rehearse DURING LUNCH. So she comes in and tells us that we have to come rehearse while we're eating, and all my friends are forced to go (because she needs them in that particular scene)...so I was left alone, and I just said, "Fine, just take all my friends and rehearse during lunch because they obviously don't need to eat or anything, and I'm totally fine just sitting here by myself." (reeeeeeeally sarcastically.) And she gave me this ice cold look and then turned around really fast and marched off. IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. >:]

<3 ~K
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