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It isn’t possible for any collection of random braindroppings to suit every fancy.  You may find stuff here that you like, and stuff you don’t.  We hope that you remember the stuff you like, and that you expunge from your memory the stuff that you didn’t.  If something here seems really, really *wrong*, it was probably created by our evil twins from our companion universe.  Blame them.
Within Everything there is Something
In Some Things there is Nothing
For This Thing it may be that Nothing matters
But to judge a Thing requires looking inside
And to look inside is Everything
Because the outside may look like Nothing
This is the MightyKeen web page!  If you are here by choice, you may have a search engine or someone who knows about us to thank.  If you’ve arrived by accident, and you’re not happy about it, simply tell your browser where you really want to be.  We all want to be somewhere.

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