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The sandwich we currently recommend is among the modern world’s most basic comestibles.  To make one, you will need three ingredients:

1. White bread
2. Processed cheese food product
3. Mayonnaise

Smash the bread into a ball, but don’t eat it right away.  Play with it a while.  Nibble the cheese, pretending to be a gerbil.  Stare contemplatively at the mayonnaise while doing so.  Try to “be” the mayonnaise. When you are finished, marvel at how much fun you had.
Hungry?  That’s a good thing.  Use that.  It’s been a powerful motivator for millenia.
Please note:  item pictured above may not be current sandwich

In the search for the perfect salsa, chutney, sauce, or dip, we define ourselves as foodies.  We seek not simply to keep saturated fat to a minimum, to make preparation easy, or to control costs, but rather to elevate the common chip, vegetable slice, or hunk of animal flesh to new gastronomic heights.  Surely something can displace spray-on cheese from its throne.