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Q: Why was MightyKeen chosen as the name for the website?

A: Many reasons. MightyKeen is short (10 total letters, two words run together), easy to say (3 syllables), and spelled the way it sounds like it should be. "Mighty" and "keen" both sound like good, positive things for a person or a website to be. Mighty is an adjective commonly combined with other adjectives, to indicate "especially so", as in "mighty fine", "mighty fast", etc. Mighty also suggests strength, power, and heroism, as in Mighty Mouse, the Mighty Quinn, and My-T-Fine pudding. Keen is a word which suggests mental sharpness, cleverness, high awareness, and being "smart" in general. But perhaps the most important reason is that was available.


Q: Is the domain for sale?

A: Certainly, for a payment in US dollars that contains a large enough number of commas.


Q: Who are all of these "notable individuals" mentioned above?

A: Each is a unique individual and is responsible for introducing himself/herself. All have at least a few genes in common, but between any two there may be wide differences of opinion, interests, and characteristics.


Q: Can anyone join MightyKeen?

A: To join, you would need to be invited. To get an invitation to join, you would need to be a MightyKeen individual. If you think that you are, consider linking to this page. We'll periodically look to see who sends traffic here.


Q: Is MightyKeen hoping to become a social network, a major portal, or the next Google?

A: No.


Q: Will MightyKeen be supported by advertisements?

A: Not likely. MightyKeen may from time to time try to point its visitors at other interesting places on the Web, but it is not hoping to be paid money for doing so.


Q: Who is asking these questions, anyway?

A: Scholars, philosophers, and matriarchs. Pillars of society and homeless bums. Wealthy and ragged, royal and wretched, their cups runneth over. To a man, or woman, they take absolutely no responsibility for the appropriateness of their questioning. It is thus appropriate that we, in providing these answers, approach our task with the utmost sincerity and gravity.


Q: How frequently were the questions actually asked?

A: Each question was asked at least one time more than some other question we have chosen not to answer, such as... Who would possibly have the patience to read this far into a set of Frequently Asked Questions?





Volume, not in the sense of the quantitation of three-dimensional space but in the sense of acoustic power transmitted in sound, is to be encouraged.  This website seeks to promote the antithesis of silence.  It wants desperately to not just be heard, but to echo in the world about it.  Its credo is to speak before being spoken to, and to say what others will not.  It is willing to compromise on quality, and even on quantity, but never on bluster.  If our noise is only deafening, we will have failed.