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Each of the individuals represented on this site can be sent electronic mail “at”


For example, dave “at” is a perfectly reasonable address, once you substitute “@” for “at”.  Note how cleverly this page avoids getting mailbots all excited at having found new addresses to spam.


You can similarly send email to john, kathleen, caroline, or michael by suffixing with, since, as we have claimed elsewhere, this is a very powerful domain.


It may be hazardous to your health.  It may make you fat, or wrinkled, or prematurely cantankerous.  It may cause addiction, death, or worse things, like loss of your sense of humor.  The most frightening thing about it, however, has to be how innocent and admirable it can seem.  There is nothing about it to indicate malevolence or threat.  It may appear to be just a collection of words on a page.  But think twice before you read further.  Close cover before striking.